AAS 2021 Annual Conference

March 25-28 |Seattle, Washington

Washington State Convention Center & Seattle Sheraton Grand Hotel


Deadline for Receipt of All Proposals is August 4, 2020.

Deadline to submit post for this forum is July 30, 2020

Welcome to the AAS2021 Call for Proposals online forum page.  If you are an organizers looking for additional participants to join your session proposal or if you are an author seeking to join a session proposal, the AAS has set up this forum page to assist you in your participation at the 2021 AAS Annual Conference.


How to use the forum:

If you have a session you would like to propose and are looking for individual to participate/join your proposal - click the Sessions Organizers seeking Participants forum. Next, click 'Add a Topic' or reply to a posted topic

If you are an individual and would like to participate on an organized session proposal for the 2021 AAS Conference but with limited contacts/network to form a session proposal, click Participants Seeking Sessions. Next, click 'Add a Topic' or reply to a posted topic.

Note:  Organizers are responsible for gathering all required information for successful panel submission; authors are responsible for providing all required materials to the organizer of the panel proposal as requested.  Posting to this forum page does not constitute a proposal submission; only your interest to form or join a proposal for submission through the application process. 

Please make sure to include the following information:

  1. Your name, affiliation, and how you would like to be contacted.
  2. The topic of your proposed session or the topic of your paper.
  3. The geographic area of study that best represents this topic.

Important note for anyone using this forum.  Posting session or paper information here is not a substitution for submitting a formal proposal via the online application form.  It is your responsibility to make sure the organizer of a session receives the information requested and/or your responsibility to ensure the information is submitted in a timely manner as requested by the Organizer.


If you do not have an AAS Account please create one to submit a new topic or reply.

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1 Replies and 167 Views Plantationocene in Southeast Asia  167  1 Started by  Aida Arosoaie Plantationocene in Southeast Asia The Plantationocene refers to a spatio-temporal epoch rooted in the devastating transformation of diverse kinds of human-tended farms, pastures, and forests into extractive and enclosed plantations, relying on slave labor and other forms of exploited, alienated, and usually spatially transported labor (Haraway 2015, footnote 5: 162). Unlike the Anthropocene or Capitalocene, which position the human at the heart of proclaim the language of the human speci...
1 167
by  Ahmad DhiaulhaqJump to last post
02 Aug 2020 01:06 AM
0 Replies and 120 Views Seeking a discussant/ panelist on Racial Capitalism/racialized capital and queerness/sexuality/gender in Transpacific Asia  120  0 Started by  Shana Ye Hi, My name is Shana Ye and I am an assistant professor of Women and Gender studies at the University of Toronto. I am putting together a panel on Radicalized capital and queer/sexuality in Transpacific Asia/Asia. Please shoot me an email at if interested and I will share more details. Thanks, Shana
0 120
29 Jul 2020 12:55 PM
0 Replies and 88 Views Seeking a panelist: Rebellious Borders: Territory in Crisis in Myanmar’s Land and Commodity Frontiers  88  0 Started by  Tani Sebro We are seeking one additional panelist to present a paper for a panel entitled 'Rebellious Borders: Territory in Crisis in Myanmar’s Land and Commodity Frontiers' Panel description: After a decade of major investment and development projects initiated in the wake of Myanmar’s transition to democracy in 2010, Myanmar’s ethnic minority groups remain mired in the world’s longest ongoing civil war. Recent scholarship reveals how the construction of special economic zones (SEZ), damming projects...
0 88
28 Jul 2020 05:39 PM
0 Replies and 105 Views Seeking panelists on the topic of Blind Faith (blindness and religion)  105  0 Started by  Sean O'Reilly Like many others, no doubt, I was fully prepared, paper already written, for AAS in Boston, so I'm hoping this effort might still bear fruit in March 2021! My own presentation is focused on how blindness (especially when overlapping with faith) tends to be depicted in wartime and postwar Japanese cinema, but other perspectives/areas of study are most welcome! If you are interested, please email me directly at: seanoreilly&91;at&93; (&91;at&93; --> )
0 105
28 Jul 2020 01:55 AM
0 Replies and 140 Views COVID-19 and Shifting Attitudes Towards Digital Sociality  140  0 Started by  Kimberly Hassel Note: Abstracts will be accepted until July 31st. Currently seeking participants for an inter-area panel on COVID-19 and shifting attitudes towards digital sociality: The outbreak of COVID-19 has sparked multiple reconsiderations of sociality itself, highlighting the digital as a primary - rather than supplemental - means of maintaining relationships. This inter-area panel examines continued and emerging forms of digital sociality in the wake of COVID-19. The panel considers the local...
0 140
22 Jul 2020 11:24 AM
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