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Exhibit Booth, Advertisement and Sponsorship Reservations Instructions

Below are the steps required to purchase an exhibit booth, conference advertising or sponsorship.  If you are not interested in reserving a booth, after completing the steps below, scroll past the exhibit hall floorplan to reserve your advertisement options.

(1) Company Search:

  • Please enter your company name below and click the search button.  If your company has a record in the AAS database the search results will display the company name. 

Note: In some instances, you will see multiple iterations of your company/organization. 

  • The city and state is not required to complete a search.  The broader the search the better.
  • Please select the most appropriate selection from the search results. If no company is found, you will be prompted to create a new record
IMPORTANTPlease do not enter your personal email as the company email. 
(2)  Employee Search:   
  • Please enter your first and last name or the name of the contact for which you are completing this transaction. 
  • If a record is found, select the name.  If no record is found, please create a new record.  The email address must not match the email address listed on the company record.


Company Search

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